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Crowd Policy
  • United in Diversity Crowd Sourcing / Funding / Innovation
  • 21 September 2017 United Knowledge - the NEXT NEXT
  • 28 EU Member States Academia, Politics and Practice
  • 450 Selected Delegates

About the event

In partnership with the EU Commission and the National Bank of Greece the city of Athens will be the 2017 hosting city to gather THE European Crowd experts. All driven by a common goal: enabling the crowd for a greater good. Stakeholder from all 28 European member states represented by dedicated Country Patrons will gather to discuss diverse scenarios of crowd-disruption from the fields of practitioners, academia and politics.

Crowd Funding

What is the status quo and taxonomy for alternative financing models in Europe? Can they fulfil the promise of a quickly growing segment, and how can growth begin to attract institutional investors? On the cusp of becoming mainstream, we will discuss and discover the possible risks and chances and reflect most aspects for a relevant regulatory framework to master the ambitious challenges.

Crowd Sourcing

How will a heterogenous group of people combined with an ongoing digital transformation change the way we think about work? Gaining towards an integrated crowdsourcing definition we will explore how to harness the power of crowdsourcing for most relevant practical implications in a mostly mobile engagement environment.

Crowd Innovation

How to foster innovation including a swarm of heterogeneous people and simultaneously engage united collaboration? Let´s explore with the leading experts how a practical implementation framework can unleash dramatic new opportunities for industry innovation in most diverse sectors. United in a jointed endeavour, we are aiming to develop and discuss a possible european future roadmap for CrowdInnovation.

Corporate and Innovation Partners

Preview of Country Patrons and Experts

Our goal is to bring together bright minds to give inspiring 15-minute talks that are idea-focused, and on a wide range of subjects that reflect crowd-based disruption, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter. Here is our line-up of speakers and experts for a day that follows an intriguing and energetic flow of inspiration.

Oliver Gajda

Oliver Gajda

Founder European Crowdfunding Network

Oliver Gajda

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Germany

European Crowdfunding Network, Brussels, Executive Director and Founder | Lendery, London, Co-founder | Slingshot Return, Hamburg, Co-Founder | European Crowdfunding Stakeholder Forum at the European Commission, Brussels, Member | Förderkreis Gründungs-Forschung e.V. (FGF), Advisory Board Member | FutureMediaLab, Brussels, Advisor | InnoHub, Hamburg, Mentor

Irene Demetriou-Rotsides

Irene Demetriou-Rotsides

CEO Anirot Development Organisation

Irene Demetriou-Rotsides

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Cyprus - CEO and Founder of Crowdfunding Cyprus

Irene is the CEO of Anirot Development Organisation, active in the fields of business development and research, funding, PR and marketing. She has gained extensive experience in European strategy and policy, national policy and initiative promotion, entrepreneurship and innovation. She is a trainer and mentor for start-ups and new businesses, aiding businesses to prepare for funding rounds and an experienced EU project manager, both in previous FP7 and Leonardo da Vinci projects and currently for Horizon and Erasmus+. She is also the Founder of Crowdfunding Cyprus, an organisation advocating crowd-related activities, aiming to establish Cyprus as a crowdfunding hub for the wider region. Irene advocates female entrepreneurship and regularly speaks on topics of policy change, crowdsourcing, stakeholder engagement in social projects and the gender gap.

Ivaylo Ivanov

Ivaylo Ivanov

General Manger at iuvo

Ivaylo Ivanov

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Bulgaria - CEO at iuvo

Ivaylo is a finance, fintech, business development and strategy consulting professional with a passion for entrepreneurship.
He has experience in consulting more than 20 businesses in the fintech, energy, telecommunications and digital fields. I have managed the expansion of international companies in new markets and the design of the business model, launch and further development of innovative fintech online businesses from scratch.
Ivaylo one of the few experts in crowdequity, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing methodologies for financing and realizing of projects both as an enterprise and within the structure of bigger organizations.

Leonidas Fragkiadakis

Leonidas Fragkiadakis

CEO, National bank of Greece

Leonidas Fragkiadakis

CEO, National bank of Greece and Chairman of the Executive Committee​

Leonidas Fragkiadakis was appointed General Manager of Treasury and Global Markets at National Bank of Greece in January 2009.
He is a member of the Board of National Securities and Chairman of the Hellenic Chapter of Forex Club/ACI. During the years 2003-2009 he worked for NBG Group as Group Treasurer, while from 1996 till 2003 he was responsible for the Derivatives Division of the bank.
He worked at Credit Suisse First Boston in New York as a Trader with extensive experience in foreign derivative products, interest rates and emerging market bonds.
L. Fragkiadakis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Trinity College, Cambridge University (UK) and an MBA from the Wharton School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania (USA).

Michael Gebert

Michael Gebert

Crowd Mentor Network

Michael Gebert

Senior Partner Crowd Mentor Network , Organizer Crowd Dialog Series

Driven by innovation, Michael´s focus is to understand the risks and chances of crowd-based phenomenas like CrowdSourcing, CrowdInnovation and Crowdfunding. Michael is head of the board at the CrowdSourcing Association and the German CrowdFounding Network. He serves as adviser for the EU Commission in the CrowdFunding Stakeholder Group in Brussels and a nominated member of the TAB Begleitkreis „Digitale Arbeit“ for the Deutschen Bundestag.

Katja Hutter

Katja Hutter

Professor for Marketing and Innovation at the University of Salzburg

Katja Hutter

Professor for Marketing and Innovation at the University of Salzburg and a research fellow of the Crowd Innovation Lab and NASA Tournament Lab at the Harvard University

Katja is Professor for Marketing and Innovation at the University of Salzburg and a research fellow of the Crowd Innovation Lab and NASA Tournament Lab at the Harvard University. Her research topics are anchored in the fields of marketing and innovation. She is interested in incentive schemes and consumer interaction behavior in online communities to generate insights for innovation activities that resolves around customers and their needs. Further she investigated user-generated content in the context of novel marketing strategies. Her research has been published in leading academic journals such as Journal of Interactive Marketing, Long Range Planning, Journal of Management Information Systems or Creativity and Innovation Management and honored with rewards. Together with her co-authors she received the Tudor Rickards and Susan Moger Best Paper Award 2011 in the Journal Creativity and Innovation Management, the Best Paper Award 2015 in the Journal of Interactive Marketing and the Harvard Business School Case with the topic “Open Innovation at Siemens” was honored with the Case Centre Awards and Competitions in 2015. .

Reinhard Willfort

Reinhard Willfort

CEO of ISN – Innovation Service Network

Reinhard Willfort

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Austria - CEO of Innovation Service Network

Since 2001 he is founder and CEO of isn-innovation service network, Austrian's leading innovation company. As entrepreneur and founder of five further startups he supervises the innovation management processes of several leading Austrian companies.
2007 he started Austrian's 1. Crowdsourcing platform In 2012 he established Austria’s first crowdinvesting platform Reinhard Willfort is co-founder of the European Crowdfunding Network and Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Shelley Kuipers

Shelley Kuipers

CEO & Founding Partner of Better Ventures

Shelley Kuipers

Thought Leader and CrowdSourcing expert

Shelley’s arch-enemy is the status quo and she will do anything to defeat it. A highly successful entrepreneur with her eye perpetually to the horizons of innovation, marketing, crowdsourcing and venture capital, Shelley is driven to create net-new enterprise business models focused around participation with her global clients and global team. She co-founded Better Ventures in 2015 after previously founding Chaordix, Stormworks and Adventure Capital. Shelley might just spend more time up in the air than George Clooney and breaks from flying and entrepreneurship only long enough for the odd glass of cider and weekend away at her place on Salt Spring Island. Shelley lives in London, UK and right at this minute is probably thinking of ways to realize the possibilities she can see in her mind’s eye.

Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen

Director of the African Crowdfunding Association

Kevin Allen

Director of the African Crowdfunding Association

Kevin is an energetic and creative individual. He believes that we live in an abundant world and looks for ways to impact those around himself with positivity, especially through exponential technologies. Kevin holds an undergraduate Pharmacy degree and an MBA (Cum Laude).

Although through reading, the internet, and experience he has shaped his thinking in terms of exponential business models and what the future holds. He is one of the founding Directors of the African Crowdfunding Association where he holds the position of Chairman and runs QDDTI, a capital raising and Digital consulting company.

Rotem Shneor

Rotem Shneor

Project Leader Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance

Rotem Shneor

Country Patron for Norway - Associate Professor and Project Leader Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance

Dr. Rotem Shneor is an associate professor at the University of Agder (UiA) School of Business and Law in Norway. He is the academic director of the university’s Center of Entrepreneurship, and currently serving as the head of the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance. The alliance he is leading is comprised of five crowdfunding platforms and two stakeholders in the Nordic crowdfunding scene, which are dedicated to promotion of a crowdfunding-friendly Nordic region through collaborative efforts. His own expertise are in a variety of issues related to Entrepreneurship, Crowdfunding, as well as International Strategy and Marketing. He has a long track record of teaching, researching and supporting entrepreneurship. Thus far, he has published in various academic journals, trade magazines and has contributed a number of chapters to research-focused edited books. Finally, he is a popular speaker and commentator on issues related to crowdfunding in his region.

Ronald Kleverlaan

Ronald Kleverlaan

Founder of CrowdfundingHub

Ronald Kleverlaan

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Netherlands - Founder of CrowdfundingHub

Ronald is a former IT entrepreneur and has an extensive track record in crowdfunding. Four years ago he co-founded the European Crowdfunding Network. As a crowdfunding strategist he is frequently asked to advise the European Commission. He very recently was ranked no. 3 on the Alternative Finance Power List, a list with the most influential people in P2P lending and crowdfunding on social media.

Aki Kallio

Aki Kallio

Danske Bank

Aki Kallio

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Finland - Managing Compliance Officer, Danske Bank

Mr. Aki Kallio currently works as a Managing Compliance Officer in Corporates & Institutions unit of Danske Bank A/S Helsinki Branch. He is in charge of managing and supervising a compliance team responsible for conducting control and monitoring activities with regard to wide range of business units operating under the umbrella of Corporates & Institutions as well as providing legal advice in various issues falling into the scope of Financial Markets.

Previously Mr. Kallio worked as a Ministerial Adviser in the Financial Markets Department of the Ministry of Finance of Finland, where his main responsibility area consisted of various assignments relating to divergent legislative and other actions of Financial Markets Department especially in the field of capital and bond markets. In particular, Mr. Kallio worked with issues falling under the scope of European Commission’s Capital Markets Union and was in charge of assessing and developing both Finnish bond market (acting as a head secretary of the Finnish Bond Market expert group) as well as alternative finance market (responsible for drafting the Finnish Crowdfunding Act and acting as a co-head of the Financial Market Department’s Fintech -expert group). In addition, Mr. Kallio has acted, among others, as a Finnish representative of the Commission’s informal expert group European Crowdfunding Stakeholder Forum (ECSF) which assisted the Commission in developing EU-wide policies for crowdfunding and alternative finance.

Spyros Arsenis

Spyros Arsenis

National Bank of Greece

Spyros Arsenis

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for Greece - Coordinator of the act4Greece at the National Bank of Greece

Spyros Arsenis coordinates act4Greece crowdfunding program (, NBG Business Seeds program ( and the NBG Innovation & Technology Competition. He studied electrical engineering and holds a PhD in Information Technology and Networks. He started his career in international IT projects as Project Manager and Senior Consultant for important organizations. He is the author of eight books on ICT, sales and marketing.

Julia Groves

Julia Groves

Head of Crowdfunding at Downing LLP

Julia Groves

Country Patron and Delegation Leader for the UK - Head of Crowdfunding at Downing LLP

A pioneer of digital businesses since founding in 1994, I have spent the last 20 years working on disruptive customer-led propositions across online retail, renewable energy and financial services market spaces.
Most recently I developed the crowdfunding platform Trillion Fund, co-founded the UK Crowdfunding Association and am now a Partner with the Downing Crowd.

Special ICO MasterClass

Beyond Blockchain - the State of Initial Coin Offerings
We are seeing an ever-evolving nature of cryptocurrency. This intensive MasterClass is designed to explore the deeper and broader potential of what an ICO can be.
Beyond allowing companies to quickly raise capital at the early stage we are beginning to produce economic space itself. We are about to terraform social, economic and financial structures of previous centuries.

Secure your participation to get all the insights about ICOs
This insight Master Class is limited to 20 participants - be fast and register today
  • Lead and curated by Top Expert and Blockchain Lawyer Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz Alcañiz.
  • Leading a discussion on the unrealized potential of ICOs with insights from ICO Funding.
  • Re-inventing finance as a collective practice of crafting futures at the end of the economy as we used to know it.
  • For next-generation economic architects, designers and inventors of new economic, financial and social forms.

Delicious Brain - Food Partners

Agenda - inspired by a multitude of diverse visionaries

The 15 minute inspiring talks format is designed as a showcase for experts presenting great ideas. Thoughts and Insights that are new and surprising and show the meaning and process behind the Crowd-X movement.

Experience sessions on exciting topics:
  • Evolving legal frameworks for Europe
  • Future of Work - renewing value
  • Transfer of Know How and Innovation
  • Reinvention funding through Blockchain
  • Industry adaption for Crowd Innovation
  • The future Consumer collaboration
  • 1200-1215

    Defining the right culture of innovation.
    Why great ideas and large crowds are not enough

    CrowdInnovation Periklis Thivaios Partner at True North
    Before “establishing” the “culture of innovation” Innovation leaders need to begin designing and implementing specific corporate policies that would help innovation take roots in organizations. However, it’s important to remember that the Not Invented Here (NIH) Syndrome manifests not only as a rejection of external knowledge and expertise, but also as resistance to intra-company collaboration, as individual units are often reluctant to share their findings with others.
    By breaking internal silos and promoting intra-company collaboration, internal crowdsourcing creates a systemic acceptance and active practice of continuous ideation and forecasting and reduce the fear of failure.
  • 1220-1235

    Rethinking Democracy by crowd-creating the Greek National Action Plan on Open Government

    Civic Crowd Nancy Routzouni Ministry of Administrative Reform
    Formulating governmental policies for the wider public cannot be an internal process. Embedding openness and participation principles in the process can lead to initiatives that respond to the real needs and address the real challenges in the domain.

    In July 2016 Greece launched the National Action Plan on Open Government following a structured co-creation process in close collaboration with Civil Society Organizations. The adoption of new communication channels and innovative collaboration procedures enabled the active participation of the interested parties leading to thirty four concrete government commitments to further promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance.
  • 1240-1255

    How to access a liquid global crowd and address instant scalability or specific needs of critical skills

    CrowdSourcing Piero Zanchi Managing Director Accenture
    The change in technology landscape and the need of agility to face the market challenges – according to the concept of “liquid workforce” - are two key drivers for a successful digital transformation.

    In such a context, the crowdsourcing allows organizations to expand their workforce rapidly and at scale by including external skills and resources. But only with the right mindset change and management skills, organizations could gain benefits from this technique.

    Accenture is embracing this technique, allowing to timely access a liquid global crowd and address instant scalability or specific needs of critical skills
  • 1300-1315

    Brexit - regulatory implications for crowdfunding - a case based szenario

    CrowdFunding Michael LewisPartner Osborne Clarke
    EU legislation affects crowdfunding in the UK and EU in different ways depending on the crowdfunding model. Although the details and implications of Brexit remain unclear, Michael Lewis will give an overview of the potential impact of Brexit on crowdfunding in the UK and EU.
  • 1320-1335

    Entrepreneurial Selection: Crowd Prediction in Crowdfunding to set the gold standard for wisdom-of-crowds forecasting

    CrowdFunding Thomas PeislProfessor Munich University
    How can companies tap the collective wisdom of their employees to better understand and prepare for the future? The talk will identify predictive crowding as a concept to support the assessment of disruptive ideas in SMEs based on a conceptual framework which can be used by practitioners as well as researchers.

    The discussion topics proposed aim to provide in-depth insights in crowd sourced innovation practice and investigate the potential of expert crowds.
  • 1340-1400

    Experts in Democracy - enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility through Crowdfunding

    CrowdImpact Vasileios Vlaseros
    Dimitris Plessas National Bank of Greece
    Experts in Democracy

    Vasileios Vlaseros, Treasury, National Bank of Greece and University of Athens

    Ηearing expert opinions can be a double-edged sword for collective decision making. In theory, committee members' voting behavior can incorporate expert information so as to enhance the efficiency of majority decisions. However, in our laboratory, expert information exhibited excessive influence on the voting behaviour and prevented efficient aggregation of individual information. We find a large efficiency loss due to the presence of expert information especially when the committee size is large. Using an incentivized questionnaire, we find that many subjects severely underestimate the efficiency gain from information aggregation and they follow expert information much more frequently than efficiency requires. This suggests that those who understand the efficiency gain from information aggregation and perceive the game correctly might nonetheless be “stuck” in an inefficient outcome.

    Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility through Crowdfunding: the act4Greece case

    Dimitris Plessas, Director, Retail Banking, National Bank of Greece

    act4Greece is a unique crowdfunding platform that complements National Bank of Greece’s corporate social responsibility program. The platform welcomes applications for causes in categories, such as: society, culture, research, education, sports, environment. During its two years of operation it has attracted more than 750,000 site visits, 5,500 donors and a total of €1.6mn in donations.
  • 1400-1500

    Lunch Break - soul food and interactive networking

  • 1500-1515

    Finding an explanation for the Blockchain 'Crypto' Crowdfunding Phenomenon

    Blockchain Michael Psalidas Managing Director CrowdPolicy
    Primed For Industry Disruption the blockchain technology trend has been picking up momentum, more and more start-ups have this year been hopping on the bandwagon and implementing cryptocurrency tokens and blockchain protocols as a means of crowdfunding their ventures.
    While there are indeed great opportunities for both companies seeking capital investment and investors looking for hot new companies to put their money into, navigating the maze of this emerging market poses its challenges and risks, and in particular for the professionals aiming to assure the integrity of their businesses.
  • 1520-1535

    Crowdfunding & Blockchain: A Perfect Match or just Hype?

    Blockchain Christian Piska Professor University of Vienna
    The potential benefits of the blockchain are more than just economic—they extend into political, humanitarian, social, and scientific domains—and the technological capacity of the blockchain is already being harnessed by specific groups to address real-world problems. Is CrowdFunding and Blockchain a match made in heaven or just a overrated hype that will eliminate itself in the near future?
  • 1540-1555

    The Emperor's new coins: How Initial Coin Offerings fuels CrowdInvesting

    ICO Funding Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz Alcañiz Cofounder at Icofunding
    A critical view on the new kid on the block: ICOs.
    Introducing a possible roadmap for a more regulated and secure investment model
    Much of this comes down to trust: trust in a world with no real regulation, trust that the team will be able to execute what they say they’re going to, and trust that the team will be able to figure it out when things don’t go quite right. These are vital questions to ask of any entrepreneur and it appears that we’re really not asking these questions.
  • 1600-1625

    The crowd-based Blockchain as a path to Artificial Intelligence

    Blockchain Panel Michael Gebert Founder Crowd Mentor/Crowd Dialog
    Panel Participants: Michael Psalidas - CEO CrowdPolicy, Christian Piska - Professor University of Vienna, Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz Alcañiz - Cofounder at Icofunding

    One forward-looking but important concern in the general future of technology is different ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) might arise and how to sponsor it such that it engenders a “friendly” or benevolent relationship with humans. There is the notion of a technological singularity, a moment when machine intelligence might supersede human intelligence. However, those in the field have not set forth any sort of robust plan for how to effect friendly AI, and many remain skeptical of this possibility.

    It is possible that blockchain technology combined with the power of the Crowd could be a useful connector of humans and machines in a world of increasingly autonomous machine activity through Dapps, DAOs, and DACs that might eventually give way to AI. In particular, consensus as a mechanism could be instrumental in bringing about and enforcing friendly AI.
  • 1635-1700

    Brain Pause - Coffee and Networking Break

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